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Cantilever Slide Gates

Crafted with precision and engineered to perfection, cantilever slide gates from Mr. Gate of Florida are a fantastic automatic gate solution for properties in the Panama City, Florida area.

Cantilever slide gates in Panama City, FL Cantilever slide gates in Panama City, FL

Our meticulously crafted slide gates provide secure and effortless operation, thanks to their innovative cantilever design that eliminates the hassle of ground tracks. Enhance your property's security while making a statement with our exquisite range of Panama City cantilever slide gates.

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Cantilever Slide Gates

Cantilever slide gates are the epitome of timeless beauty, combining classic design with cutting-edge technology for residents across Panama City, Florida.

Panama City, Florida Cantilever Slide Gate Company Panama City, Florida Cantilever Slide Gate Company

Cantilever slide gates are a commonly used type of slide gate that generally does not touch the ground, either directly or indirectly with a wheel. Instead, the slide gates "cantilever" to close the opening. In Panama City, Florida, cantilever slide gates are commonly sought after because they use less space than swing gates systems.

Typically, cantilever slide gates are much longer than the gate opening they are designed to close; they can be up to 50% longer than their respective openings. These gates need to be longer than the opening to keep the leading edge of the gate suspended off of the ground by using the additional length as a counterbalance. The idea here is to hang the gate on two or more mounting posts and to have the gate suspended off these mounting posts while sliding the gate into the opened and closed position.

Single cantilever gates from Mr. Gate of Florida move in a back-and-forth motion, often directly parallel to an existing fence line. Another benefit of a cantilever gate from the top Florida gate company is that they may require less maintenance than swing gates.

Cantilever gates can be installed with nylon cantilever rollers with sealed bearings and nylon roller covers to improve the durability and longevity of your cantilever gate. Cantilever gate frames must be constructed properly to help withstand the forces of gravity and wind.

As a premier gate contractor, we use a system of intricate diagonal braces and trusses that are strategically welded in place to help prevent gate sag. A properly built and installed cantilever gate is an incredibly safe option for any residential or commercial property in Panama City. With over 5 years of experience, you can trust the cantilever gate experts at Mr. Gate of Florida!

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