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The most affordable, high performance gate operator on the market. The Max 1200 FS PRO sliding gate operator is a robotic DSP controlled machine that is perfect for moving 1200 lb gates to a maximum length of 25' up to 12' per second. If someone tries to break in, or force the gate open, the dynamic braking system, in the closed position, will �fight back� or not allow the gate to move. It also has an audible alarm when they try to force the gate open for added security and piece of mind. Corrosion protection gold zinc coating and electrostatic powder coating are applied to ensure this unit will not rust, but will last for years to come.

  • Local keyed manual disconnect – allows gate to be pushed back.
  • Remote keyed manual disconnect – allows gate to be pushed back from outside the property by keypad or any dry contact command.
  • Dynamic braking system, in closed position, will fight back if unauthorized push back is attempted.
  • Audible alarm and relay out trigger when unauthorized entry (push back) is attempted.

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Professional-Grade Features

Isolated Max 1200FS Pro - Panama City, Florida

  • High traffic intuitive loop management system for better security.
  • Advanced security features with built-in audible and remote alarms.
  • Tamper-alert relay output triggers "on" if gate is forced open.
  • Audible alarm if gate is tampered with or ERD is triggered for higher security.
  • Gate partial open recorder. Programmable inputs allow partial open cycles for high traffic gates while providing complete open cycles for emergency vehicles.
  • Lockable cover with key lock release to prevent intruders and vandalism.

  • Lockable cover with key lock release to prevent intruders and vandalism.
  • Adaptive obstruction sensor for much better gate safety system. 16 selectable sensitivity settings.
  • UL 325/991 compliant Class I, II, III, and IV. CSA approved.
  • Dynamic magnetic brake system stops the gate immediately to prevent damage to obstructions.

  • Mechanical Release: Local switch, keypad, or any dry contact relay will release dynamic braking, allowing gate to be pushed back in case of emergency.
  • Brushless DC motor equivalent to 1 1/4 HP AC motor.
  • Heavy duty direct drive gear box Size 50, 20:1 gear ratio.
  • Independent Opening and Closing speed control for primary and secondary.

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