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The SL-45DC is the smallest most efficient and reliable residential DC gate operator in the industry. The SL-45 DC is small in size but enormous in performance. Its top of the line Planetary gearbox and Brushless DC Motor carries a tremendous advantage over the conventional gearboxes and brushed DC motor commonly used in the industry due to its compact size and its outstanding power transmission efficiency. DC operators are equipped with a control board that offers an array of features that include a programmable relay and leaf delay, slow start/stop algorithm, and solar power capability. The integrated battery backup offers up to two weeks of uninterrupted operation in the event of a power outage. The brushless DC motors are smooth and quiet but are powerful and durable and require zero maintenance.

  • 30 Ft. – Max Gate Length.
  • 800 Lbs. – Max Gate Weight.
  • UL 325 2018 Compliant.

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Professional-Grade Features

Isolated SL-45 DC Residential Gate Operator - Panama City, Florida

  • For gates up to 800 lbs and 30 ft long.
  • Integrated battery backup.
  • Maintenance-free brushless DC motor.
  • Compact, low-profile frame.

  • UL 325/2018 compliant and UL 991 compliant.
  • Back drivable gearbox to open gate manually.
  • Battery backup lasts up to 200 cycles on a 600 lb gate.

  • 24 VDC brushless motor with planetary gearbox.
  • 24 VDC solar power option.
  • Continuous duty cycle.
  • 20 amp dedicated breaker requirement.

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A gate that is up to 800lbs or up to 30' long

It uses either 120 or 240VAC. There are solar options available too.

A one-year parts and labor from Mr. Gate and a five-year parts from the manufacturer.

There is a backup battery that can last up to 250 cycles. There is also a manual release.

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