In today’s day and age, home security technologies are constantly improving and evolving, creating new ways to secure your property and protect your family. The same is true for automatic gates, with security and safety add-ons that are suitable for both Panama City industrial gates and residential gates. In this article, the gate experts from Mr. Gate will shed some light on the best add-ons for automatic gates and their advantages. 

Security Add-Ons

Access Control Systems 

Access control systems and automatic gates go hand-in-hand and are the ideal solution for improving security on your property. At our Panama City gate company, we offer a wide range of access control systems for varying levels of security. For high-security Panama City industrial gates, we offer license plate detection systems or RFID sensors to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your business. 

Intercom Systems

The ability to talk to anyone looking to enter your gate is crucial when you’re looking to securely protect your property. At Mr. Gate, some of our intercom systems are equipped with cameras in addition to a voice call function so you can visually identify anyone you are letting onto the property. Intercom systems also allow you to talk to any surprise visitors that may need access to your property including repair personnel, delivery drivers, or guests. 

Safety Add-Ons

Safety Photocells

Safety photocells are infrared light beams that prevent people, cars, and animals from being hit by your automatic gate. When used with automatic gates, a transmitter sends a beam of light that is monitored by a receiver. If something breaks the beam of light like a car or wandering animal, the automatic gate operator receives a signal that immediately stops the gate. 


Safety photocells are an important part of an automatic gate, especially in high-traffic areas. Some automatic gates may come with photocells, so it’s important to talk to our Panama City industrial gate experts to learn about the specifics of your automatic gate. 

Safety Edges

Safety edges are another unique feature that prevents injuries associated with automatic gates. Safety edges have pressure-sensitive sensors and are installed on areas of the fence where people or animals could be crushed. Safety edges can be installed along posts or the free edge of the fence gate, depending on your unique situation. 


Safety edges contain a transmitter that sends a signal to the automatic gate operator to stop the movement of the gate whenever one of the pressure transmitters is activated. An important distinction to make between safety edges and safety photocells is that to trigger a safety edge, a person or animal must come in contact with the gate, whereas a photocell can be triggered without coming into contact with the gate. 

Physical Barriers

Some styles of automatic gates have additional areas that can cause injuries to people or animals. For example, some styles of sliding gates have spaces where small children, or even adults, could stick their hands, feet, or arms into the gate. If the gate begins to operate, they may experience a crushing or a shearing injury from the back edge of the gate. 


A great way to avoid these injuries is to install physical barriers in any areas that could cause injuries. Depending on the aesthetics of your property, these barriers can take several forms including mesh or solid barriers. 

Posted Signage

Posted signs that are clearly visible and eye-catching can go a long way in preventing injuries. While routine visitors, employees, or residents may know about the automatic gates on your property, occasional visitors and guests may be caught unaware. Well-marked signs can indicate that visitors should stand back from the gate, avoid certain areas, or utilize the access control system. 


Posted signs are especially important for Panama City industrial gates. Industrial properties are spaces where many employees experience work-related injuries, and signs are an important part of reducing your liability. 

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