Installing an automatic gate is a fantastic way to preserve the safety and security of your Panama City property, but keeping any pedestrians and vehicles safe while entering through your gate is equally important! At Mr. Gate, we have the necessary tools and experience to install safety sensors and photo eyes to keep your gate from inappropriately opening and closing to avoid damaging any cars or injuring pedestrians. Continue reading to learn more about the safety measures we take at our Panama City gate company for commercial gate automation

Overview of Safety Features from our Panama City Gate Company

At our Panama City gate company, our goal is to provide our customers with peace of mind by implementing top-of-the-line safety features. With our commitment to safety, you can trust that our automatic gates prioritize the well-being of your property and those who use it.


One of the key elements we incorporate into our automatic gates is the use of safety sensors and photo eyes. We offer several versions of these safety features, ensuring our gates can detect any movement or presence at their points of entry and automatically halt or reverse their operation to prevent accidents. We believe that safety should be a top priority for any commercial or residential gate system, and we provide the highest level of protection to give our customers peace of mind.

Understanding Florida Commercial Gate Automation Safety Equipment

  • Exit Sensors: Exit sensors monitor when a moving vehicle approaches the gate and signals the automatic gate operator to open, allowing the vehicle to pass through automatically. 
  • Safety Sensors: Safety sensors signal the gate operator to opener close while monitoring the area for obstructions to prevent the automatic gate from hitting a passing vehicle or pedestrian. 
  • Photo Eyes: Photo eyes use a beam to detect any obstructions in the gate’s path, ensuring the area is clear before allowing the gate to close. 

Safety Features Used in our Florida Commercial Gate Automation Projects

Our automatic gate systems are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features ensuring smooth operation and preventing any accidental collisions. Here are some of the specifics of the safety equipment we use at our Panama City gate company. 

Exit Sensors

Exit sensors are a crucial part of a convenient gate access control system. A popular form of exit sensor is an exit wand or exit probe, also known as a magnetometer. These exit wands can be installed on the side of the driveway, which avoids disturbing your existing driveway. An exit wand or probe detects changes in the earth’s magnetic field, which is caused by the movement of your car, and triggers the gate operator to open. 


While exit sensors are essential, they do not create a comprehensive gate operator system. Exit sensors are not able to detect your vehicle after it stops moving or able to detect pedestrians and animals that may be blocking your gate’s path, making them inappropriate for use as safety sensors. 

Safety Sensors

Safety sensors signal the gate operator to open or close while monitoring the gate’s path to prevent it from hitting any vehicles, pedestrians, or animals. The safety sensor can be used to signal your gate operator to stop or reverse direction after an obstruction is detected. 


Recently, some customers of our Panama City gate company have started opting for virtual sensors, which can be used as both safety and exit sensors. Virtual sensors do not need to be buried in the ground, helping you avoid disruption to your driveway and surrounding landscape. Some virtual safety sensors come with adjustable detection pattern settings to change the detection area and customizable sensitivity settings. 

Photo Eyes

Photo eyes are non-contact safety devices that use a beam of light to enhance gate safety. If an obstacle interrupts this beam, the gate is automatically stopped and reversed. Photo eyes detect vehicles, pedestrians, and animals alike, making them an important safety feature. 


There are two primary types of photo eyes used for Florida commercial gate automation: reflective photo eyes and thru or twin beam photo eyes. Reflective photo eyes utilize a single beam, meaning power is only needed along one side of the driveway. However, frost and damaged reflectors can cause the sensor to function improperly. Twin or thru beam photo eyes have beams located on both sides of the driveway and can be used to cover larger driveways and gates. However, this system will require you to provide power to both sides of your driveway. Depending on your property and your unique automatic gate requirements, the experts at our Panama City gate company can provide you with their recommendations for the ideal photo eye system. 

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